Butterfly painted purses

Whoever gets one of these purses 
will be carrying their very own piece of art!

First, I "painted" these butterfly wings for a new quilt -- with marking pens and rubbing alcohol!!!

Then I cut up the bottom wing (which hadn't turned out the way I wanted) to create these original hand-painted purses!

How it began ...

A couple of months ago I tried my hand at painting on fabric - using - surprise - marking pens! Yes! You can use Sharpie permanent markers to create beautiful effects on fabric - in this case, plain white 100% cotton. And shading can be done with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water! Who would have thought? 

After "drawing" in the color with marking pens, I used a paintbrush dipped in the alcohol solution to dilute and "spread" the color on the edges.

After I created the butterfly wings I decided I didn't like the bottom wing and cut it up to use some of the painted fabric to use in my purses! (I will paint another bottom wing to finish the butterfly quilt...)

Whoever gets one of these purses will be carrying their very own piece of art!

More photos here.